The story of the Huguenots features in the Migration option of the new History curriculum. The Huguenots were our first refugees, who  gave us the term, derived from the French réfugié, meaning someone seeking refuge. The story of the Huguenots is a fascinating starting point for the study of migration, paving the way as they did for future groups seeking sanctuary. 

Huguenots were French Protestants who risked their lives to leave their country due to religious persecution from the dominant Catholic state and seek safety on our shores. It is thought that some 50,000 settled in London and other towns around the country. Huguenots transformed the sills base of the country with their enterprise, transforming, through integration, from strangers to citizens. 

The Huguenot Story makes a good study for Citizenship at Key Stage and the new Pearson GCSE History Curriculum for the Migrants in Britain Case Study c 800 AD to present (see more here).

Walter de la Mere - a Study of His Poetry

Lesson Plans – Key Stage3

This resource on the story of the Huguenots’ arrival and impact in Britain is most suitable for History at Key Stage 3.

City of London Guided Walking Tour - Fleet Street

Politics / Global issues/ inequality

Fight for a living wage, then and now (here and in Bangladesh) and movement of trade between different countries i.e. China to Vietnam

Palm Sunday in Spitalfields

Art / Fashion

Research how has fashion changed over time and why; how this would affect a street scene.

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Other Resources

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