There are lots of books about the Huguenots, both fact based and novels. Here are a selection of them. The links below will go to a search for Huguenot on each of the websites.

To help with research

  • Robin Gwynn: Huguenot Heritage – Second Revised Edition
  • Robin Gwynn: The Huguenots of London
  • JB Cottret:  The Huguenots in England Immigration and Settlement C1550-1700)
  • Owen Stanwood: The Global Refuge: Huguenots in an Age of Empire
  • Charles Rivers Editors: The Huguenot: The History and Legacy of the French Protestants and Their Religious Conflicts with the Catholics
  • Raymond Hylton: Irelands Huguenots and Their Refuge: An Unlikely Haven
  • William Kingston: Exiled for Faith: A tale of the Huguenot Persecution
  • Christopher Hartop: Huguenot Legacy: English Silver 1680-1760
  • Kathy Chater: Tracing your Huguenot Ancestors: A guide for Family Historians
  • Joyce Hampton: the Story of the Huguenots: A Unique Legacy
  • Geoffrey Treasure: The Huguenots
  • Dan Cruickshank: Spitalfields; The History of a Nation in a handful of Streets


  • Kate Moss: Burning Chambers
  • CD Force: Flight from Terror
  • Tessa Murdoch: The Quiet Conquest
  • Nancy Bilyeau: The Blue
  • Liz Trenow: The Silk Weaver
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: The Refugees: A Tale of the Huguenot Persecution
  • Philip Mansell: Louis XIV
  • Jean Marteilhe : Galley Slave

The Huguenot Connection Trilogy:  Paul C.R. Monk

  1. Merchants of Virtue
  2. Voyage of Malice
  3. Land of Hope

Any other recommendations?

If there are any other Huguenot books you would like to recommend please drop us a line.

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