Topic: Fight for a living wage, then and now (here and in Bangladesh) and movement of trade between different countries i.e. China to Vietnam

Curriculum: Can be adapted to cover Economics, D+T, business studies, PSHE, Geography

Gap between consumers and producers (and middle men) – parallels to Huguenots and their customers.

Discussion: Study the transition of immigration and exodus in Spitalfields from the Huguenots to the present day- Protestants, Jews and Muslims. How has this transformed and changed the area?

Activity: Split into groups – each look at the buildings at a different period of time and display output alongside the other groups. Focus on legacy, architecture and impact. Develop / use a timeline of events and be able to click on “postcards” of events

Course work / extended project:

Produce short films that provide coverage of the Huguenots landing in Dover in the style of a broadcaster describing the scene as a boat docks on the jetty. Describe the exhausted passengers, luggage, emotion and state of health. Use historical records and trade unions; modern day campaigns

Fair trade material

Response to factory fire in Bangladesh – pressure to increase minimum wage from industry

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