Huguenots were remarkably talented in almost every sphere that you can think of. Medicine, Science, Engravers and Printsellers, Theatre, Furniture and Woodwork, Sculpture, Gunmaking, Goldsmiths, Textiles, Ceramics and City Commerce.  Many of them fled France by stealth and by night bringing nothing with them at all.  They were entrepreneurs and saw England as a new home where they could settle, worship and carry on working. They brought techniques, skills and the much wanted French style with them and many were outstanding craftsmen.  Their legacy remains today.

A tried and tested 2 hour lesson for Skills of the Huguenots – Weaving can be downloaded here, which covers history (local history if in East London), art, design and technology. There are lesson plans and a presentation for KS2:

A tried and tested 1 hour to 90 minutes lesson for Skills of the Huguenots – Gardens can be downloaded here, which covers natural history (plants, flowers, lifecycle of plants and a silk worm), art, design and technology. If your school has an outside space, part of it could be carried out there. There is a lesson plans and a powerpoint for KS1: 

Talents of the Huguenots: Factsheets and Activities

Anna Maria Garthwaite Plaque header

Pattern Designers

Captain Peter Lekeux was one of most prominent master weavers in the English silk industry …

Huguenot Banking - City of London

Huguenots in Banking

Although most of the Huguenots who came to British…

Huguenot Silk Flower


Silk is a fibre which comes from the cocoons of silkworm..

life cycle of a silk worm by Pete Garrett

Life Cycle of a Silk Worm

The life cycle of the silk worm.

huguenot quizzical questions

Quizzical Questions

Test your knowledge and understanding.

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