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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
, DaPossibly Gerrard Bernard born circa 1 Possibly Gerard Bernard Born 1650 r Anne Calver nee BernardKirby Le Soken EssexWeaver ?
A O Auduroi, 1689spitalfieldsweaver
Ackanbar, Sarah1830Shoreditch
Agar, Dublin
Agnew, William1792Londonsilk spinner
Agombar, 1752~1786Bethnal Greenweaver
Agombar , William1806Bethnal Greenweaver
Agombar Pierre, Brick Lane, Bethnal Green
Agombar, Henrietta1945Bethnal Green machinist
Agombar, William1809Aldgate
Ales add, 1770-1900Bethnal Greensilk Weaver
Allah, Spitalfieldssilk weavers
Allar, 1750Bethnal Greensilk weaver
Allars Anthoine, 1710Walton on the Naze
Alliaume, Abraham Pierre1700Threadneedle St, Spitafields Possibly weaver
ALLIAUME, Piere1687Threadneedle Streetivory turner
Annereau, James1750Spitalfields
Annett, 1572+Londonweaver
Argent, Amy Alice1960Londonleather
Arnau, -1700Spitalfields/Bethnal Greenweaver
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