Welcome to Meet the Huguenots an online schools learning resource for teachers. This learning resource has been developed through collaboration between the Huguenots of Spitalfields charityTower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives and Canon Barnett Primary School in Whitechapel, The sources and activities you will find here are aimed towards Key Stage Two History learning but have been designed for adaptation to suit all levels.

The Huguenots were French Protestants in a predominantly Catholic country. When the King of France decided they could not worship as they chose, some Huguenots fled France. Over 50,000 sought sanctury in England in order to practice their faith, settled, many flourished and transformed the skills base of this country

Each section has a downloadable lesson plan and presentation that can be adapted for use with primary school age children.

Please use the sources available here to create your own story about the Huguenots.

st bartholomews dat huguenots of spitalfields

About The Huguenots

Learn about our first courageous refugees who suffered torture and imprisonment to reach safety on the shores of England.

Louis Barbar pair of pistols 1722 - Boughton House

Skills of the Huguenots

The Huguenots brought skills from the dazzling court of Louis XIV. These hard-working entrepreneurs created a new life for their families, setting up flourishing businesses.

Horribles_cruautes des Huguenot en France 16th century

Our First Refugees

It’s hard to believe the adventures and dangers faced by the Huguenots who fled religious persecution to reach safety in England

huguenots of spitalfields Dennis Severs Front Door

Living in 18th Century Spitalfields

Can you imagine living without all of today’s gadgets? Find out how both the rich and poor lived in and around Spitalfields.

Huguenot silk weaving Garthwaite silk

The Silk Weavers of Spitalfields

The silk woven in Spitalfields by the Huguenots is now in museums around the world. Hear the story of the hard-working weavers and their Masters.

Walter de la Mere - a Study of His Poetry

Huguenot and Identity

The story of the Huguenots for students to reflect and discuss their own identities.

Walter de la Mere - a Study of His Poetry

Further Resources for Teachers

Find material to enable you to teach your class about Huguenots and Refugees.

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