One in six of the British population has Huguenot ancestry. If you are someone with Huguenot genealogy and you want to find out more about your ancestors then you are in the right place.

We’ve put together a factsheet of some recommended sources for Huguenot information. This includes museums, archives, online resources and more in the UK and abroad. The factsheet can be downloaded here.

Also take a look at our Blog, Famous Huguenots and Huguenot Family Stories.

Other Resources

The Huguenot Society has a list of French terms and their English equivalents used in Huguenot records here.

The Huguenot Society list of Family Research Files can be downloaded using this link. The Wagner Collection also contains around 900 Family pedigrees which can be consulted at the Huguenot Library.

For genealogy enquiries, please contact Emma Cox

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