One in six of us has Huguenot ancestry – many of your members included. Inspire them with the rich history of Huguenots, our first refugees, with Walk or Talk for your group and discover who they were, where they lived, what they did and the skills they brought with them.

Huguenot Footsteps

Walks for Groups

Your members will be captivated by the story of the Huguenots and where they settled. Whether it’s the diverse area of Spitalfields, Soho or Clerkenwell, it’s a fabulous day out.

Huguenot Online Group Talks

Talks for Groups

Book an online group talk for your members from the comfort of their own homes on the skills, lives and legacy of the Huguenots.

Soho French Protestant Church

Further Suggestions for Group Organisers

There are many other places with Huguenot links for your group to explore both in London and around the country.

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