Topic: Research how has fashion changed over time and why; how this would affect a street scene (consider difference between dress of makers and customers).

Curriculum: Art and Design, Design and Technology

Task: Draw different costumes and explain rationale for differences.

What would you see today and why? Link between fashion and function.

Create a collage of fabrics from each period of time / community and arrange as one vast display in time order across a wall

Produce a series of sketches and drawing of a typical street scene during the time of the Huguenots and contrast this to today’s high street scene. Design this on your computer to show the contrast, colours and how the streets look.

Research weaving techniques and block printing techniques. Can you use these techniques to inform your new designs inspired by the Huguenot’s silk designs?

Produce new designs for fabric using the Huguenot designs as inspiration for high street wear or accessories.

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