It’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Look at the ‘About the Huguenots’ page, explore the fact sheets and then see if you can answer the following questions…

Anna Maria Garthwaite

  1. What was unusual about Anna Maria?
  2. What talents did she have?
  3. Why did she move to Spitalfields?
  4. Why is she remembered today?

Silk Weaving

  1. Which area of London did the Huguenots first settle in?
  2. What did the Huguenots bring with them from France?
  3. Can you name three jobs in the weaving trade?

The Life Cycle of a Silk Work

  1. What is the scientific name for a ‘silk worm’?
  2. What are the stages of the silk worms life cycle (clue: there are 4 stages)
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