Julia Sawalha huguenot descendant
Julia Sawalha Huguenot descendant

Julia Sawalha (1968-)
Julia Sawalha was born in South London and is a highly successful actress appearing in many popular television programmes. She is particularly well known for her role as the sensible daughter Saffie, the perfect foil to Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders in the long running sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous. Her family tree stretches back over several generations of silk weavers living around Spitalfields. Julia’s ancestors on her mother’s side had the name Dubock; they originated from the small village of Luneray in Normandy and were forced into exile after the decree of Louis XIV in 1685 stripped French protestants of their rights. Her maternal relative William Dubock, listed as a silk weaver in the 1861 census. William changed career to become a cheesemonger and grocer after the ban on French silk imports was lifted in 1861, forcing many East End weavers out of business.

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