Huguenot Footsteps
Huguenot Footsteps

Your lovely comments

The history of the Huguenot years in Spitalfields is now firmly established thanks to you and your team

So many of us have discovered our pasts and have had fun at the various talks & walks

So many of us have discovered our pasts and have had fun at the various talks & walks

I will never forget singing a French hymn in Hanbury Hall or going into Anna Maria Garthwaite’s house and lots more experiences we would never have had without you

It is amazing what the Huguenots of Spitalfields has achieved and you should be very proud

Thank you for all the effort put in to help us

I knew very little about the area’s amazing history but since then I’ve learned much

As a ‘country’ ‘member’ I have much enjoyed your communications and podcasts

the Spitalfields project must have done more than anything to spread knowledge about the Huguenots, and it is too bad that its efforts have been stifled in today’s Covid-ridden climate

This is really a great loss to those with Huguenot heritage

With grateful thanks for the work that you have done

It has  been lovely to learn more about Huguenot history and the corner of London that my ancestors came from

It was a wonderful thing you were driving which lifted many hearts

I’m an American and likely would never have stumbled upon the Huguenots of Spitalfields if I hadn’t met Charlie. I’m so glad I did. It’s been a pleasure to read the emails and learn about this interesting piece of London history. Thank you for educating this Yank!

I am inordinately appreciative of you opening my eyes to the history and endurance and delights of the Huguenots.  It has been a real pleasure

I wanted to thank you so much for having set up the charity in the first place and for the immense amount of hard work and the passion you’ve put into it as it’s given a huge amount of pleasure and knowledge to so many of us

I have always been full of admiration for the educational and cultural activities and programmes that the charity organised

There will be lots of people who will miss your programmes

nothing is lost: you have enhanced people’s understanding of the Huguenots greatly and really put that very important aspect of Spitalfields on the map

I have been to several of your walks and talks over the years and always found them incredibly interesting and informative. The speakers have always been very helpful and created an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere

It was wonderful to visit London and see some of the places where my ancestors might have lived and to get a glimpse of those brave people’s lives

Looking back now it feels like a little doorway into my past has closed

From initially not really knowing what a Huguenot was, with your help I have become progressively prouder of my Huguenot ancestry.

It has been a rich source of learning

Thank you and everyone who has been involved in discovering more about these exceptional people

So many of us out there are truly grateful to you

You’ve done an amazing job

What an achievement

A great job and contribution

The end of an era but well done to you and how amazing that you could have organised so much and brought so much Huguenot history to light

Thank you so much for the pleasure and interest your words have given to someone who is not a Huguenot descendant but had a lifelong interest in them and their history

You have made a real difference to the way ordinary interested people understand and consider our history

Such a brilliant example of the way local and family history can stimulate, resource and re-engineer conversations about how we got here and inform conversations about where we go

Be assured that in the relatively short time the charity existed, it has made a very valuable contribution to furthering people’s knowledge about the Huguenots

I would like to personally thank you and your fellow committee members for highlighting to the public their valuable contribution to the life of this country

What an extraordinary thing to do – and what a list of achievements

You should be immensely proud of what you have achieved in highlighting to so many people the role of the Huguenots in the City of London and elsewhere

This is a real record of achievement

It was a real pleasure to be involved and I learned a lot from you about the broader context of Huguenot life

I was astonished to see how much the charity had done to promote the Huguenot “cause” in such a short time

Thank you for your work and inspiration, I learned so much

I have enjoyed it all and am very sorry to note that you have to close down

Please say it isn’t so ! I have always looked forward to these newsletters wishing from the other side of the planet that I knew more about my Huguenots past

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm – and for sharing all the wonderful news and events

Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done

I have just sat quietly to read your very moving & beautiful account of the achievements of the Huguenots of Spitalfields

I had to print off this wonderful ‘goodbye’. It has such lovely memories and what a reminder of all your hard work!

I am sad for you and your enthusiasm but you must console yourself that you have made a DIFFERENCE

Just a line to say thank you so much for all your hard work and for raising the profile of the Huguenots so high while giving lots of pleasure to so many people

A wonderful project which resulted in some important work and lovely memories. I’m so happy I got to participate in some of your unique and fascinating events, lectures and tours

I also hope that much of the residue of your funds may go to adapting and maintaining your excellent website which gives so much insight into Huguenot history in this country

A truly remarkable achievement

Heartfelt thanks to you all

I am in Sydney Australia it has been an interesting and useful publication keeping me in touch with my Huguenot roots

I have made so many enchanting trips into and around London, thanks to Huguenots of Spitalfields

I think you have a wonderful gift for bringing diverse groups of people together and uniting us in friendship as we learned the history and saw the sights. You and your team have so much to be proud of.  When I read your note of all that you had achieved, I am hit by your energy and get up and go.

Wow!- it is us who should be thanking you for organising so many fascinating Huguenot events!

A big THANK YOU for all the inspiring work you have been doing

It’s a wonderful letter which arrives with sadness at all the events we weren’t able to attend in busy schedules and with the expectation that you would carry on forever

I was so shocked and sorry to see that your wonderful charity is shutting down. When I think of the unbelievable amount of work you put into it, over such a long period – and the wonderful things you achieved – it seems impossible, and very sad

You  have so much to be proud of

When I read your note of all that you had achieved, I am hit by your energy and get up and go

As they say at the Tour de France – “Chapeau”

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