Prelleur Peter The Modern Musick-Master
Prelleur Peter The Modern Musick-Master

Peter Prelleur 1705 – 1741
The first organist who played Richard Bridge’s magnificent organ (built in 1735) at Christ Church Spitalfields was Huguenot Peter Prelleur, who led an extraordinary double life. He lived in Rose Lane and, as well as playing the organ at Christ Church and composing religious music, he often played in pubs including the Angel & Crown Tavern in Whitechapel.

Prelleur’s major legacy is a guide for musicians entitled The Modern Musick-Master published in 1731 and described as “an introduction to singing, after so easy a method that persons of the meanest capacities may (in a short time) learn to sing (in tune) any song that is set to musick”. For three hundred years this was considered the most important singing manual.


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