Isaac Olivier (c.1565-1617)

Isaac Olivier was born in Rouen, and his family moved to London in 1568.  He became a notable miniature painter

Olivier was the son of  a goldsmith. He studied miniature painting under the great Tudor miniaturist Nicholas Hilliard and developed a naturalistic style which was influenced by Italian and Flemish art. His works reflect the courtly elegance of the Late Renaissance world of masquest and revels.

portrait of a girl with a carnation circa 1590 Isaac Oliver
Portrait of a girl with a carnation – circa 1590 – Isaac Oliver

He became a painter of James I’s court, was appointed Royal Limner (an illuminator of manuscripts or a painter of ornamental decoration such as miniature portraits) to James 1’s wife Queen Anne. He  painted numerous portraits of the Queen Anne of Denmark and Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales. Some of his work is housed in Windsor Castle, and some  of his pen drawings are in the British Museum.


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