MOYNE, Jacques Le

Jacques Le Moyne (1533-1588) was a Huguenot cartographer and draughtsman of flowers and natural history who joined Laudonniere’s expedition to Florida in 1564. Le Moyne was the first artist to travel to the New World and documented Florida’s coastline, local flora and fauna, along with the Timucua Indians.

Florida worship french column 1591
Florida worship french column 1591

When the Spanish attacked the French settlement of Fort Caroline, Le Moyne was lucky enough to escape, but sadly almost all of his illustrations were destroyed. He sailed back to France and redrew his pictures from memory.

As a Huguenot, Le Moyne had to flee France and settled in England in around 1581 and lived there until his death in 1588. Whilst living in London he was patronised by Sir Walter Raleigh and courtier Mary Sidney to name a few.

In 1584 he published the book ‘La Clef des Champs’ (The Key to the Meadow), a pattern book to serve as inspiration for artists and craftsmen.


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