David Lestourgeon pocket watch
David Lestourgeon pocket watch

David Lestourgeon (1660-1731) was a watchmaker who seems to have specialised in commemorative watches. In the Museum of London there is an example of a watch commemorating the death of William III, and another adorned with a bust of Queen Anne in the British Museum.

Lestourgeon was born in Rouen and moved to London in 1681. He was made a Member of the London Clockmakers’ Company (1698 -1731).

Lestourgeon was one of many Huguenots who brought with them to London important knowledge and skills from the major French clock and watch making centres.

Lestourgeon is mentioned in The Huguenot Clockmakers of Spitalfields, will be republished Spring 2019. ​ https://www.richedmunds.co.uk/huguenot-3
The Quiet Conquesthttps://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/london-open-and-always-has-been

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