Jessie Boucherett campaigner for equal rights
Jessie Boucherett campaigner for equal rights

Jessie Boucherett (1825-1905)
Jessie Boucherett campaigned for equal rights and dedicated much of her life to the emancipation of women. She was the author of a book called Hints for Self-Help: a Book for Young Women, published in 1863.

She was born near Market Rasen, the daughter of Ayscoghe Boucherett, who had been High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1820.

Boucherett attended a school run by the Byerley sisters in Stratford upon Avon where Elizabeth Gaskell had once been a pupil. After meeting Bessie Rayner Parkes and Barbara Bodichon, fellow campaigners, they set up a charitable organisation SPEW, Society for Promoting the Employment of Women in 1858. In 1926 the name changed to the Society for Promoting the Training of Women or SPTW. In 2014 it again changed to Futures for Women or FfW. SPEW allowed young women to became apprentices in jobs such as watch making, hairdressing and photography as well training in careers in accountancy and book-keeping. Today Futures for Women continues helping women improve their career prospects through training and education.

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