It’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Look at the ‘Who were the Huguenots?’ page, explore the fact sheets and then see if you can answer the following questions…

  1. Who were the Huguenots?
  2. What did they believe in?
  3. Why did they leave France and where did they go?
  4. Why did they come to Britain (and Spitalfields specifically)?
  5. What was Britain and London like at that time?
  6. What work did they do and how did people train and get employment?
  7. What were their houses like?
  8. How did they live (food, income, family, health, training and community)?
  9. What traces can you find of the Huguenots in your local area?
  10. How many French people had become Protestant by the 17th Century?
  11. What was the population of France at the time?
  12. What professions were the Huguenots forbidden to enter? (name three).
  13. What were the soldiers called who were sent to live in the homes of Protestant families with the aim of bullying them to convert back to Catholicism?
  14. To which countries did the Huguenots flee ? (name three)

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