Huguenot Indenture Record - detail
Huguenot Indenture Record
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Do you have your magnifying glass to hand? We’re going to travel back hundreds of years in time to 1729 to meet a Huguenot boy – with the help of a special document called a ‘record’.

Records are kept in places called ‘archives’. They are called records because they record something happening. Records can tell us a lot about what happened in the past. Using different records, we can build up a picture of what life was like for people who lived and breathed – just like us- long ago.

Look at your copy of the record. Can you work out what it says? If you need a bit of help, look at the transcript.

Can you answer the following questions?

  1. What is the apprentice’s name?
  2. Who was his father?
  3. What was he learning?
  4. To whom was he apprenticed?
  5. What was he not allowed to do?
  6. Why do you think he wasn’t allowed to do these things?

Learn more about your family backgound by asking your grandparents or older person in your family these questions. What do you know about your family? Were any of them born outside England?

Download the Form in PDF format.

questions for grandma and grandpa
By kind permission of the Dorset Family History Society
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