Abel Boyer c1667-1729
Abel Boyer c1667-1729

Abel Boyer c.1667-1729 was a journalist, historical and political writer, lexicographer, and theatrical producer. He was born at Castres, in Upper Languedoc, southern France and came to England in 1689.

He wrote numerous books including histories of the reign of Queen Anne and of William III. He also French-English dictionaries and. one of the best English-French dictionaries of its time. He also wrote a newspaper called ‘The Post-boy’ Boyer’s writing shows a special interest in Parliament. He published The Political State of Great Britain, a monthly journal giving, for the first time, regular details of the debates in the Houses of Parliament. He was a zealous Whig and supporter of the Hanoverian succession.

Theatrical Records: Or, An Account of English Dramatic Authors, and Their Works – Robert Dodsley

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