Huguenot Family Stories

Tom Juchau

English Heavy Weight Boxing Champion (1765-1766): Huguenot Descendant Tom Juchau, born in 1739 in St Giles, London, was the son of a Calvinist, Charles Juchau, […]

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Ruffy family

The Ruffy family (the widowed Madame Catherine Ruffy and her five children) settled in Spitalfields in 1687, along with 13,000 other Huguenots who arrived the […]

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Bonifas family

The Bonifas family came from France to London in the 1700s because, as Huguenots, their life was difficult. The father, François Bonifas, had a cousin […]

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The Arno family reunion

Arno Family

I traced my roots in the early 1990s before computers, just lots of leg work around record offices and archives. I traced most of the […]

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