Horribles_cruautes des Huguenot en France 16th century

South African Huguenot Names – Submitted by Brian Wood

It was in December 1689 when a group of Huguenots set sail from France to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. In total, some 180 Huguenots from France and 18 Walloons from present day Belgium, settled in South Africa. Listed below are some of the Huguenot names, which have been slightly altered to blend into the local community.

Voortrekker surnames who were of French Huguenot ancestry include:[3]-

(Original French spelling in brackets)

Aucamp (Auchamp)
Boshof (Bossau)
Bruwer (Bruere)
Buys (Du Buis)
Cilliers (Cellier)
Cronje (Cronier)
De Klerk (Le Clercq)
Delport (Delporte)
De Villiers
Du Plessis
Du Preez (Des Prez, Des Pres, Du Pre)
Du Toit
Duvenage (Duvinage)
Fouche (Foucher)
Hugo (Hugot, Hugod)
Jacobs? (Jacob?)
Jordaan (Jourdan)
Joubert (Jaubert)
Labuschagne (Labuscaigne)
Le Roux
Lombard (Lombaard)
Malan (Mallan)
Maartens/Martins (Martin)
Minnaar (Meinard, Mesnard)
Nel (Neel, Niel)
Nortier / Nortje (Nourtier)
Pienaar (Pinard)
Retief (Retif)
Reyneke? (Reyne?)
Riekert? (Richarde?)
Rossouw (Rousseau)
Senekal (Senecal, Senechal)
Terblanche (Terreblanque)
Theron (Therond)
Viljoen (Villion)

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