Huguenots were the first refugees. Unlike any other group of immigrants, they were forbidden from leaving France. Over 250,000 risked capture, prison, torture and even death for the sake of freedom.

Click here to read Judith Gilton's letter to her brother where she describes her harrowing journey from France to America (by kind permission of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina).  Another letter written by Louis Thibou and can be found at

Huguenots on the Move: Factsheets and Activities

galley Ship

Galley Ships

A ship propelled mainly by rowing

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Journeys and Escape

Many Huguenots risked fleeing to another country

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Denis Severs Front Door

A Foreign Land

England in the 17th and 18th Century

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The Mereaux

The Mereaux

A coin becomes a membership card.

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Huguenots as Refugees

When people leave their country to seek refuge...

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Where the Huguenots Settled

They were mainly urban dwellers, who lived in…

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