huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields

Abel Boyer - Journalist
Abraham de Moivre - Mathematician
Anna Maria Garthwaite – Textile Designer
Bernard Palissy - Potter
The Chamberlens - Obstetricians
Daniel Marot - Architect
David Garrick - Actor
David Lestourgeon – Watchmaker
Denis Papin - Inventor
Gideon Delaune - Apothecary
Harriet Martineau - Writer
Henri de Portal – Papermaker
Isaac Basire - Engraver
Isaac Olivier - Painter
James Leman – Designer, Master weaver
James Vauloue – Engineer
Jean Carre - Glassmaker
Jean Misaubin - Physician
John Pelletier – Carver and Gilder
Jean Theophilus Desaguliers - Engineer
John Castaing - Broker
John Dollond - Optician
1st Earl Ligonier, John Ligonier – First Commander-in-chief, British Army
John Rocque - Surveyor
Louis Francois Roubiliac - Sculptor
Louisa Courtauld - Silversmith

Nicholas Lanier – Master of the Kings Musick
Nicholas Sprimont – Porcelain Manufacturer
Paul Crespin - Goldsmith
Paul de Lamerie – Silver and goldsmith
Paul Fourdrinier – Engraver, Printseller
Peter Debaufre - Watchmaker
Peter Dollond – Maker of Optical instruments
Peter Lekeux – Master Weaver
Peter Roget - Lexicographer
Peter Ogier - Silkweaver
Peter Prelleur – Composer
Philip Cazenove - Stockbroker
Pierre Allix – C of E Clergyman
Pierre Des Maizeaux – Fellow, Royal Society
Pierre Harache - Goldsmith
Pierre Monlong - Gunmaker
Sir Samuel Romilly – Lawyer
Simon de Charmes - Clockmaker
Sir John Houblon – First Governor of the Bank of London
Sir Theodore de Mayerne - Physician
Tessiers – Master Jewellers
Vanners & Sons - Silkweavers
Walter de la Mare – Poet

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