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Spitalfields and Soho

christchurchChrist Church Spitalfields in London

Christ Church Spitalfields in London

  • Christ Church was built between 1714 and 1729 by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

  • It was part of a church building programme supported by Queen Anne.

  • New churches were being built because there were fears that people outside the City of London had nowhere to worship.

  • There were also fears that they may be influenced by Protestants who were not part of the Church of England, such as the French Protestants, called Huguenots.

  • Many Huguenots were baptised, married and buried in this church.

  • The Church is still used by worshippers today.


French Church Soho Square in London

  • The Charter of Edward VI (1547-53) enabled the first Protestant church to be set up in England.

  • The church was originally in Threadneedle Street but it had to be rebuilt because of the Great Fire in 1666.

  • The church moved again several times, eventually finding its home in Soho Square.

  • Soho had a large Huguenot population who specialised in the luxury crafts such as gun making, wig making and silversmithing to service aristocratic and wealthy clients.

  • The Church was designed by Aston Webb and it has a beautiful brick and terracotta front.

  • It is the only remaining Huguenot church in London.