huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields

Can you help us? We are compiling a list of paintings, artwork, artefacts, buildings, street names - in fact anything with a link to the Huguenots. Please help us by adding your findings to our list.

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Subject Where It Is What it Is Additional Info
6th Great Grandfather Abel Panchaud British Museum The BM has a trade card from Abel Panchaud showing 2 Chinese figures, one of whom is holding a watch. Abel's clocks are still in circulation today with a number of them being sold through specialist antique dealers.
7th Greatgrand father, Rev Pierre Robert French Huegenot, first anglican minister in South Carolina, USA. His grandson Peter (Pierre) Robert was a captian in the miliita in the American Revolution Settled on the Santee River in South Carolina in later 1600 historical figure Would like any other information available
Abraham Deheulle London. Mostly east end Silk Weaver . Ancestor to our family family came from Belgium and northern France, Normandy came to England in the 1600's possibly a bit earlier.
Abraham Jacques or Jaquith Spitalfield Resident Resident of Spitalfield
Ancestry London surname tracing descendants of Lewis Barbar who came to London in 1688 from Poitou, France, and was appointed Gentleman Armourer to George 1
Ancestry Ashtead, Surrey Stephen Gaudin Family History research has encountered a brick wall with Stephen, who was a tutor for Lord Dudley at Ashtead Manor in the very early 1700’s. Any help appreciated....
ann blampin or blampain cornwall person
Any info in finding a link to where we came from would be very helpful. The surname is Eteen. Norfolk area We seemed to settle then migrated to London. My surname might have change somewhat, I would love to find out from what and where we originated.
Art Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, Hackney, London Painting of the Roubel Family I am related to this family and have seen the original in their collection. They bought it as an example of a family in an interior. The Roubel family were jewellers and clockmakers and had a shop in Wade's Passage in Bath. The father had worked for Paul
Art Westminster Abbey Memorials to, and sculpures by, Huguenots. Effigies and sculptures by Roubiliac, Poultrain, Le Sueur. Memorials to Field Marshal Ligonier, Isaac Casaubon, David Garrick.
Art City of London Sculpture/Fountain of Maternity by Aimé-Jules Dalou (1838-1902) Born Paris of Huguenot background. Took refuge in England 1871-1879.
Art and manufacture Victoria & Albert Museum, London SW7 Extensive collection of silk and ceramics.
Artwork & furniture Hampton Court Palace, Surrey KT8 9AU Paintings by Rousseau & Van Somer, Marot-style furniture, carvings by Pelletier, chimney piece by Le Sage, boundary screen by Tigou.
Blears family tree Ancestry Blears Family trace of Brown, comes from name change by Joseph Blears . Traced the family name Brown to a name change by Joseph Blears who took the name from his wife's maiden name. We always assumed grandparents name was Brown, but found the name change due to Joseph Blears appearing in Lancaster for stealing sheep!.. Josep
Boughton house & Montagu house Northhamptonshire and Bloomsbury respectively Houses belonging to Ralph Montagu, 17th century british ambassador to France, Hugenot fan, art lover and lecher Montagu house is no more (transformed into the BM) but Boughton Hs is still full of furniture and paintings made by Hugonots
Burial ground Wandsworth, London SW18 "Mount Nod" - burial ground at top of East Hill containing numerous French tombstones."
Burial ground/cemetery Bunhill Fields, London Early nonconformist cemetery Burials of Huguenots were usually in Anglican churchyards thus they appear in parish registers, but some can be found in the early nonconformist cemetery at Bunhill Fields, London.
Cabinetmaking Private collections of descendants, USA Three marquetry Victorian boxes made ca 1900 by Huguenot cabinetmaker James Lefevre Claisse of Bethnal Green
Caillou surname Spitalfields Person Christian name Daniel been passed down 300 years
Catherine Vanderstein Canterbury - Location prior to moving to Spitalfield Weavers - Ancestors of our family Peter St John 1700-1767 b Bethnal Green = Ann Baker 1702- Pierre St Jean 1663-1712 b Canterbury = Catherine Vanderstein b 1668 The St Jean family appeared to leave France at the beginning of Louis XIV reign, first settling in Canterbury and then moving

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