huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields
huguenots of spitalfields

Can you help us? We are compiling a list of paintings, artwork, artefacts, buildings, street names - in fact anything with a link to the Huguenots. Please help us by adding your findings to our list.

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Subject Where It Is What it Is Additional Info
Ceramics from the Chelsea Porcelain Factory Brighton and Hove Museum The factory was run by Flemish Huguenot Nicholas Sprimont
Christchurch Mansion Ipswich Tudor brick mansion house within Christchurch Park Purchased in 1735 by Claude Fonnereau, a wealthy London Merchant of Huguenot descent
Craftsmanship & memorial St Paul's Cathedral, London Gates by Jean Tijou inside the cathedral. Memorial to Captain Edward Riou RN at the west end of the crypt.
David LeSueur Sr. Webb Square Residence David LeSueur of Webb Square, Shoreditch, died 19 January 1745, weaver.
Dennis Severs House 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields, London A museum set out as a Huguenot house from 1724 Dennis Severs’ House at 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields is more than just a time capsule. It is both a breathtaking and an intimate portrait of the lives of a family of Huguenot silk-weavers from 1724 to the dawn of the 20th Century. As you follow their f
Dupont Philippe Assington churchyard near Sudbury Grave stone Family of father and two brothers, all clerics, protected by the Duc 'de Rochefoucauld
Eteen Norfolk Settlement and surname Can’t find my family link, it fades out in a Huguenot settlement area.
Eteen/Etienne Norfolk In reply to the post about the surname Eteen in Norfolk, the French surname Etienne would likely sound as Eteen when spoken in a broad Norfolk dialect.
Family Oral Story England Huguenot ancestry Susan Sheppard (b. 1799, Herts, England), dau. of Marie de Fawcett, a French Huguenot. No evidence ever found, no trace of any Marie de Fawcett ever found.
Fountain surname Lovington, Somerset A large population of the surname FOUNTAIN. Huguenot family. John Fountain, my Great Great Great Great Grandfather was a Huguenot, living in Somerset, England.
French Church Soho Square, London W1 The direct descendant of the first foreign Protestant church founded in the City in 1550. Modern doorway carving represents the Huguenot refugee experience.
French Hospital, La Providence The plaque is on St Lukes Primary School, Bath Street, London A hospital for Huguenot refugees The four acres of land was purchased in 1708, with money gifted by Jacques de Gastigny. The sum of £1, 000. An almhouse was built and turned into a hospital for the Huguenot people of Smithfield, London. It opened in 1718 with eighty beds.
great grand mother spitalfield location ? unknown kirk married name of great grand mother, my grand mother ,daughter Rose Violet kirk
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Henri de Bossart, chef lived in Battersea, London, worked in Soho no known trace except Census Had two sons: Victor and Henri (both family Christian names alternating each generation). Believed to have arrived in London as a refugee in the late 19th century
Hueguenot Etienne Giraud and wife Janne Foucaud Middlesex, London Marriage Looking any information on their immigration to France and then New Rochelle
Huguenot House 19 Oxendon Street, SW1Y 4EH Currently mixed use building, including a community since 1965. (Oscar Garry design.) Likely the only building in London named specifically after the Huguenots still standing. In one of the original areas of Huguenots in central London (Orange Street and Oxendon Street, near Soho). Named for the Huguenots and their legacy including safe ho
Huguenot surnames London Marmoy/Marmoi surname Trying to find more information on this surname, I can only find a great grandmother
Huguenot trail Bristol Memorials to Huguenots (who came to Bristol in 1680s) in Lord Mayor's Chapel & nearby nearby St Stephen's Church. Also fine ironwork in Huguenot style in both churches.
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