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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
pierre morland 1640 -1704 stewart street artillery ground poss. weaver
Pierre Poupard 1713 - Spitalfields Weaver
Pierre Sauvage 1690 Threadneedle St Weaver
Pierre st john 1700 -1767 Hare Street, Bethnal Green Weaver
Plaquet 1648 Spitalfields
plastow 1848 Bethnel Green Middlesex Fisherman
poignand hippolitus 1805 southwark nk
pontis From - To painters
POUSSET 1683 Threadneedle Street
Preon 1704 Bethnal Green Weaver
prevost 1688 spitalfields, bethnal green silk weavers
Prevost 1724 London Silk Weaver
prince isabella 1851 22 playhouse yard, st luke,london scholar
prince isabella 1864 5 brick lane london
pruden 1841 census brick lane silk weaver
pyne george 1818 parish of st sepulchre london
Rachel Jourdain 10. December 1704 -
Rachel ORANGE 1740 - 1812 Bethnal Green Housewife
Rachel ORANGE 1740 - 1812 Bethnal Green Housewife
Rachel Ravenel 1748 - 13. March 1790 Spitalfields, London, parish of Christ Church