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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Gosselin, Jacob 1661-1699 Soho, London, and Canterbury Silk Weaver
goucher From - To
GRANDIN 1754 Spitalfields Silk Weaver
Greedus 1753 spitalfields weaver
Grenon 1690 Spitalfields & Bethnal Green Silk Weavers
Grinonneau, James 1841 Artichoke Road, Mile End Old Town Silk Weaver
Grueber, Henry Francois 1709-1747 Born Spitalfields, moved to Faversham Kent Gunpowder manufacture
Guichard louis 1743 Soho Silversmith
Guillaume Jourdain 1665-1747
Guillem Toye 1783 Bow Silk maker
Guillier 1690 Bethnal Green
guiot 1693 london
Guiton, Madeleine 1753 Spitalfields
hagombart From - To
Hannah Gogay From - To Brick lane Waistcoat maker
Hannah Laitt 1870s to 1924 St Osyth, Essex Housemaid
Hanvey 1700-1750 london lacemaker
Hardeley, Henry before 1696 - 1721 Stepney Silk weaver
Harlay Jacob 1675 Thorney
Hartman, Thomas 1881 Spicer Street, Whitechapel Silk weaver