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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Peter de Lande 1700s (died 1790) St Giles in the Fields, London French Hospital of London patron
petit From - To
Phillipe Grosse 1641-85 Spitalfield and Aldergate, London Silk Weaver
piatt From - To
pidoux From - To
Pidoux John april1767 St Georges Hanover Square Grocer Weaver Street Spitalfields
Pierre "Peter" Breillat" c.1705 -1781 Haut Poitou / Spitalfields / Shoreditch Weaver / Landlord
Pierre Abraham de Brissac 1731-1770
Pierre beguier From - To Spittlefields
Pierre BOUCHARD 16 Dec 1744 Baptism Chapel of the Hospital,Spitalfields
Pierre Boullen 1764-1844 Spitalfields Merchant
Pierre Buteux from 1680's Bethnal Green Weaver
Pierre De Saint Jean 1686 - 1712 Bethnal green, Hare Street weaver - (Tisserand)
Pierre Dede 1711 Spitlfields Silk Weaver
Pierre Desforges 1681 Tothill, Lincolnshire Priest
Pierre Hueze 1700 French Artillery Spitalfields silk weavers
Pierre le blond 1790 London Oilman
Pierre Le Sage 1720 Spitafields Silkweaver
Pierre Mariteau 1691 Stepney Weaver