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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Meaux, Marie 1690 Cabinet Street, Spitalfields, London Weaver
Mellalieu 1632 Middleton, Manchester Silk weaver
Merritt 1790-1867 Spitalfields/Swan Yard-Hare Street. Weaver / Silk weaver
Michel Boulen 1750- 1795 Spittalfields Weaver
Michel Issac Girard 1700 London
Millo Daniel 1773 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch Silk Weaver
Moise Dolle 1670 - 1751 Threadneedle Weaver
Montgomery 1800 Spitalfields Weaver
Moses Franks 1795 - 1836 Thames Street Spitalfields Silkweaver
Mouzon 1700s - 1800s Bethnal Green Fish Merchants
Musto From - To
Nathaniel Dupere 1743 Spitalfields weaver
Newvell 1800 - 1901 Bethnal green Silk weavers
Nicholas Jourdain 1690 - Artillery Lane Director French Hospital , Silk Merchant
Nicholas Marchand 1707 Spitalfields Came from a lace-making area
Noe Issac 1737 Married at Threadneedle Huguenot Church 17th April Possibly a slk weaver
Noel Lubias 1670 -1697 Spitalfields
noquet From - To spitalfields silk weaver & Dyer
Obadiah Grew 1763-1830 Bethnal Green Weaver
Obeney 1851 St. Dunstan, Stepney Hand Loom Weaver, Silk